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Brady East Sexual Health Clinic (BESTD Clinic)

1240 East Brady Street
Milwaukee WI 53202

BESTD Clinic

Mental & Physical
STD Testing

All services provided at BESTD Clinic are completely free of cost. HIV results are ready in 20 minutes and STD/STI test results take about 1 week to receive.

The BESTD Clinic recognizes that transgender, non-binary and gender-expansive individuals face difficulty in finding healthcare in general, and especially sexual healthcare. At this time, the clinic services are as follows:

Any patient: HIV counseling and testing, PrEP discussion and referrals. 

Men (transgender and cisgender), transgender women, and other trans/non-binary individuals: Syphilis testing (blood draw), Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing through urine samples, throat swabs, and rectal swabs (as appropriate), Herpes virus testing for active lesions (treatment as needed), Genital Wart treatment for active symptoms, Trichomonas and Mycoplasma testing and treatment (as appropriate).

For our trans male/trans masculine patients: We recognize that we cannot currently provide the full spectrum of sexual health care, which could include pelvic/front hole examinations, microscopic examination of fluid collected during examinations, and pregnancy testing. Therefore, depending on your symptoms, we may recommend that you seek additional care from a provider or clinic that is able to provide the full spectrum of care.

A physical exam may be needed to assist in developing a diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients may decline a physical examination if desired. In that case, our providers will discuss the best options for diagnosis or treatment. Appointments encouraged, walk-in testing during clinic hours is available. Services are completely free, donations are accepted.

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