Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions about PrideFest Milwaukee

Got Questions?

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Thursday, June 2nd - 4pm-Midnight

Friday, June 3rd - 3pm-Midnight

Saturday June 4th - 12pm-Midnight

PrideFest follows the bag policy and entry protocols of Summerfest, which can be found here: 

Accommodations will be made for medical needs, please work with security personnel at the gate.

There are no COVID-19 specific entry protocols for PrideFest 2022. Patrons are welcome to wear masks at their own discretion. 

We are extremely saddened that just like our PridetoberFest event, we were again unable to secure ASL interpretation services for PrideFest 2022. We are already in the process of identifying new coordinators for ASL interpreting as a part of our overall Accessibility program.

On the Summerfest Grounds in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 200 N. Harbor Drive, Milwaukee.

You can purchase HERE in advance, or at the Main box office during the weekend of PrideFest. You can also purchase through your phone. Skip the lines, and scan your ticket barcode easily at the main gate!

We do allow hand stamps or wristbands which allow one in/out re-entry per guest each day. Per Henry W. Maier Festival Park policy, hand stamps are only offered from 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Hand stamps/or wristbands are only honored until 10:00 p.m.

No bags/backpacks are allowed per the rules of the Summerfest Grounds. To ensure the safety of all visitors, Henry W. Maier Festival Park does not allow any food or beverage carry-ins. This policy is consistent across all festivals hosted at the property. PrideFest Milwaukee security cannot override this policy. We ask that all visitors plan accordingly. Contact PrideFest Milwaukee regarding any special exceptions.

For more details, please follow this link:

The Milwaukee Pride Parade is run by a separate organization. It is typically held on the same weekend as PrideFest Milwaukee, making your Pride weekend spectacular! Visit to check with the Parade organizers for up to date information. Milwaukee Pride supports our community Pride movement beyond organizing PrideFest. In 2022, we shifted our events away from the Milwaukee Pride Parade so that everyone can attend!

Please fill out our online application form Click here!

All ages are welcome. Small children 13 and under must have adult supervision.
Talking about the festival to friends and families is always one of the best things you can do for us. Share our social media posts, get us out there in front of your circle. Let more people hear about all we have to offer.
Is it possible to find any on the street? How much do the lots charge? Parking IS available in front of the main gate, for a fee. They are not lots run, or owned by PrideFest, so we do not set the rates. There are several lots nearby festival grounds. And prices vary. Prepare for anything from $5.00-$20. Street parking is also available. Just be aware of parking rules for that street.

Yes. Visit for routes and schedules. Many routes service Downtown Milwaukee. Some walking to the entry gate may be required.

We work with various Milwaukee city hotels, and recommend booking rooms early. HERE are our partners offers.

Sorry, no animals outside of service animals are allowed on the grounds.

Yes, general cameras are allowed on the grounds. Any major equipment, or plans to shoot film (ie production companies, news/media) has to be cleared through PrideFest in advance at HOWEVER, NO photos/videos of headliners are allowed from the audience. Media is allowed a short time to shoot from the ‘pit’. Artist management routinely asks for no flash photography from media as it is very distracting to the artist on stage. Media should check in each day for any rules specific to artists. There is NO GUARANTEE that photos of any artist will be allowed. Media or not.

Yes, there are ATM machines throughout the festival grounds.

We offer wheelchair and stroller rentals just inside the main gate. There will also be a limited number of electric scooters available during PrideFest 2022.

Please contact us at and we will pass along your info to our Entertainment Dept.

Festival guests are allowed to express themselves in whatever clothing they wish.However, all personal expression must be in compliance with the Henry W. Maier Festival Park code of conduct, and the City of Milwaukee public ordinance 106-5. All intimate parts must be covered in public. The City of Milwaukee defines “intimate part” as “the anus, genitals or pubic area of a person or the areola of the female breast.” So, please keep that in mind when choosing your outfits for the grounds, or you may be asked to change clothing, or vacate the grounds.

Active duty military and veterans with proof of status (ID) will be granted one free admission per day to PrideFest 2022. 

Children 12 and under are FREE and do not need a separate ticket for entry.